how many jobs are available in industrial specialties

how many jobs are available in industrial specialties

How Many Jobs are Available in Industrial Specialties

Industrial specialties encompass a variety of job roles that require technical knowledge and skills. Jobs within this field include machinists, welders, fabricators, assemblers, and industrial engineers. These specialties are often chosen as a career that offers security, opportunities for advancement, and a strong salary.


Machinists are specialists in machine operation, fabrication, and design. Machinists can be found in many sectors including heavy manufacturing, electronics, and the automotive industry. They take designs from engineers and use complex machines to manufacture parts and components.


Welders also work in many industries and are responsible for joining two pieces of metal or other materials together to create structures or objects. They use powerful welding machines to join materials such as steel and aluminum.


Fabricators are skilled tradespeople who specialize in cutting pieces of metal according to design specifications. They also assemble and weld the pieces together to form a structure. Fabricators often work in the production, automotive, and construction industries.


Assemblers are responsible for putting components together to make a finished product. They work with a variety of machines and tools to assemble components such as screws, nuts, and bolts. Assemblers are found in the automotive, electronics, and manufacturing industries.

Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers develop processes and systems for production of products and services. They also find ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Industrial engineers are employed in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and defense.

Job Availability

Industrial specialties offer a wide range of job opportunities, with many open positions available at any given time. The majority of workers in this field earn a good salary with above average benefits and job security. Those interested in one of the above roles can check with local employers and job boards to find open positions in their area.


Industrial specialties are popular career choices for workers who want to specialize in a technical field. With a variety of job opportunities available and good wages on offer, these careers are a great way to secure a steady and reliable career.


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