how many jobs are available in major banks

how many jobs are available in major banks

Jobs at Major Banks

Major banks offer a variety of job opportunities, so it’s worth exploring if you’re looking to start a new career. From customer service to back-end operations, banks offer a huge range of positions, depending on the size and scope of the institution.

Customer Service Specialist

Customer service specialists are responsible for helping clients with a variety of banking needs. This could include anything from assisting with account updates and withdrawals, to answering questions about financial products and more. A customer service specialist may also help customers open accounts, process loan applications, and resolve any disputes.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors typically help customers with investing and planning for their future. They may provide advice on retirement planning, estate planning, asset allocation, and insurance. Financial advisors may also work with clients to manage their portfolio and suggest investments that may be beneficial.

Back-end Operations

Back-end operations staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the bank. This could involve activities such as reconciling accounts, preparing financial statements, and closing deposit accounts. Back-end operations staff must be skilled in accounting, bookkeeping, and managing databases.

Risk Analyst

Risk analysts are responsible for assessing any risks that a bank may encounter, such as legal, financial, or operational risks. They must have an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry and a keen eye for detail. Risk analysts help to create strategies that minimize these risks and ensure the bank is operating within regulations.

Other Job Opportunities

In addition to the above positions, there are many other job opportunities available at major banks. These include:

  • Marketing and Communications – handling advertising, campaigns, and PR
  • Technology – developing and maintaining banking software
  • Compliance – making sure the banks are abiding by the relevant regulations
  • Human Resources – recruiting, training, and managing employees
  • Auditing – examining the books and accounts of the bank

As you can see, there are a variety of job opportunities available at major banks. Whether you’re looking for a customer service position or a role in back-end operations, there are many opportunities available. It’s worth doing some research and searching for the right job that suits your skills and interests.


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