how many jobs are available in oilfield services equipment

how many jobs are available in oilfield services equipment

Jobs Available in Oilfield Services Equipment

With the rise in the world’s oil and gas production, the demand for oilfield services equipment is growing rapidly. Oilfield services companies employ a variety of skilled professionals that help facilitate the production, storage, marketing and transport of oil and gas.

What Types of Jobs Are Available?

The type of jobs available in the oil and gas industry may vary by region. Generally speaking, jobs in this field may include:

  • Drilling Specialists: drilling specialists oversee the operation of drills, machines and other related equipment used to extract oil or gas from wells.
  • Maintenance Workers: maintenance workers are responsible for inspecting, repairing and performing maintenance on oil and gas equipment.
  • Pipeline Workers: pipeline workers construct, install and maintain pipelines used to transport oil and gas to end users.
  • Geologists: geologists study the Earth’s crust and other features to determine where oil and gas are located.
  • Safety personnel: safety personnel ensure that oil and gas operations take place safely, without placing workers or the public in danger.
  • Data Analysts: data analysts are responsible for analyzing data from oil and gas operations and providing insight into potential problems.
  • Engineering Technicians: engineering technicians develop designs for the installation and operation of oil and gas equipment.

Where Can You Find Oilfield Services Jobs?

Oilfield services jobs can often be found in oil and gas producing regions such as Alaska, the Dakotas, Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico. Many companies that provide oilfield services also hire employees remotely to work from home. Oilfield services job openings can be found on job boards, career websites and the websites of oil and gas companies.

In conclusion, there are numerous jobs available in the oilfield services sector ranging from technicians and engineers to data analysts and safety personnel. With the demand for oil and gas continuing to grow, oilfield services jobs are increasingly in demand.


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