how many jobs are available in public utilities

how many jobs are available in public utilities

Public Utilities Job Opportunities

Every region of the world has some form of public utility system, and each requires workers to ensure that services are running smoothly. Public utility jobs can involve electrical work, water delivery, natural gas, sewerage treatment, and other services that support communities and residential areas. These jobs can range from entry level to advanced technical and engineering work, so there are many career opportunities in public utilities.

What Kind of Public Utilities Jobs Are Available?

Public utilities involve a variety of positions. These include administrative and support services, customer service and retail, engineering, facility maintenance, finance and accounting, information technology, and operations. There are many fields and jobs within each of these categories, providing many career and job options.

Some of the roles include:

  • Electrical Technicians: Electrical technicians install electrical systems, maintain and repair wiring, and perform other electrical jobs.
  • Water System Operators: Water system operators regulate the flow of water to public water systems, monitor water quality, repair pumps, and more.
  • Natural Gas Technicians: Natural gas technicians maintain and repair natural gas lines, test for leaks, and perform other related duties.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Operator: Sewage treatment plant operators monitor and operate the machinery that processes sewage, ensure the safety of the facility, and more.

What Skills Are Required for Public Utilities Jobs?

In addition to technical and engineering skills, public utilities jobs also require skills related to teamwork, problem solving, and customer service. Workers must be able to work with a team to solve complicated problems, work with customers to explain technical concepts, and demonstrate leadership qualities.

It is also important for workers to have the ability to use a variety of tools and equipment, including computers, meters, gauges, and other tools. It is important to have a working knowledge of electrical codes and other regulations, as well as a strong grasp of safety protocols.

Workers should also have knowledge of mathematics, such as algebra and calculus, in order to analyze and interpret data. Additionally, good communication skills are important for reporting data, making presentations, and communicating with customers and other personnel.


Public utilities are necessary in order to provide vital services to communities, businesses, and other areas. As such, there are a wide variety of job opportunities available in this field, from entry level to advanced technical work. With the right skills and experience, workers can enjoy a successful career in public utilities.


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