how many jobs are available in services-misc. amusement & recreation


Jobs in Services-Misc. Amusement & Recreation

Finding a job in today’s market can be a daunting tasks. But there are, fortunately, many possibilities in the Services-Misc. Amusement and Recreation industries.

Different Types of Jobs

There are a range of task-based roles available, such as:

    • Outdoor Adventure Guide: Those interested in working outdoors may want to consider a job as an outdoor adventure guide. The job involves coaching and providing instruction to others on activities like kayaking, mountain biking and rock-climbing.


    • Fun Center Attendant: Fun centers, miniature golf courses and skating rinks often employ attendants to monitor the activities and ensure a safe, friendly atmosphere. These jobs typically require stamina, basic knowledge of the sport or activity and friendly customer service.


    • Entertainment Technician: Technicians help setup and maintain audio, lighting and projection equipment, as well as other technological components required for shows and events like concerts, theater performances and seminars.


    • Ticket Agent: Ticket agents work in amusement parks, movie theaters and other forms of entertainment venues, responsible for selling tickets, handling money and providing general customer service.


    • Fitness Instructor: Those with a background in fitness may want to consider a job as a fitness instructor. The position requires instructing customers on a variety of activities, such as strength-training, mindfulness, dance and aerobics.


Benefits of Working in this Field

Finding a job in the Services-Misc. Amusement & Recreation industries can be both fun and fulfilling. Flexible hours and exciting atmosphere are some of the perks of the job. Additionally, depending on the type of job and responsibilities, employees may receive discounts on tickets, merchandise and other goods.

Overall, if you’re looking for a job that involves something more than sitting behind a desk, the Services-Misc. Amusement & Recreation industries offer many exciting and unique opportunities.


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