how many jobs are available in steel/iron ore

how many jobs are available in steel/iron ore

Steel and Iron Ore Jobs

The steel and iron ore industry is a large and diverse sector, offering hundreds of different job opportunities. Here is an overview of the different types of roles available, as well as the qualifications and characteristics needed to be successful.

Jobs in Steel Production

The majority of positions in the steel and iron ore industry are within steel production and fabrication. This includes roles such as:

  • Production Workers – responsible for mixing raw materials and forming them into the desired shape or product.
  • Mechanics – operate and maintain machines to ensure efficient operation of the production line.
  • Machinists – set up and operate machine tools such as lathes and milling machines.
  • Welders – responsible for joining metals together using various welding techniques.
  • Engineers – design new processes and systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Qualifications and Characteristics

Depending on the specific role, workers in the steel and iron ore industry typically need a combination of working experience, technical qualifications and interpersonal skills.

  • Production Workers – an understanding of production and fabrication processes, as well as numeracy skills.
  • Mechanics – experience with mechanical design, electrical systems and metalworking processes.
  • Machinists – knowledge of CNC programming and operation, as well as metalworking processes.
  • Welders – experience with GTAW and SMAW welding processes, as well as metalworking processes.
  • Engineers – a degree or other relevant qualification in engineering, as well as interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

In addition, workers in the steel and iron ore sector need to have excellent communication skills, problem-solving ability and a resilient attitude.


The steel and iron ore industry offers a variety of different roles, each of which requires its own unique combination of qualifications and characteristics. If you are looking for a position within this sector, it is important to research the different roles available and ensure that you possess the relevant skills and experience.


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