how many jobs are available in television services

how many jobs are available in television services

How Many Jobs Are Available in Television Services?

Television services are among the most popular industries in which to find work. Millions of people in the United States work in this industry, either directly or indirectly. But what kind of jobs are available within television services? Let’s explore the wide range of positions to get an idea of how many jobs are out there.

Production Side Jobs

At the heart of all television is production. It takes many people to create a quality production. Here is a list of the jobs available on the production side of television services:

  • Directors – A director oversees the entire process, from the writing of the script to the execution of the production.
  • Writers – Writers are responsible for creating the script or story that is turned into a television program.
  • Camera Operators – Camera operators film the scenes and ensure quality.
  • Gaffers – Gaffers are responsible for lighting on the set. They work with the camera personnel to create the right look on film.
  • Make-Up and Hair Stylists – Make-up and hair stylists help prepare actors and actresses for their role.

Post Production

Once the production is filmed, it then must be edited and assembled. Post production is the process of taking the footage and piecing it together. There are several different jobs associated with post production:

  • Editors – Editors take the footage and cut it into the final piece that is aired on television.
  • Music Composers – Music composers create scores for television shows.
  • Video Engineers – Video engineers ensure quality and make sure that the final product meets industry standards.
  • Graphic Designers – Graphic Designers create logos, titles, and other graphics.

Broadcast and Sales Positions

Finally, there are a variety of positions available in broadcasting and sales. These positions help a television channel market and promote their product. Here are a few of the positions:

  • Broadcast Engineers – Broadcast engineers are responsible for monitoring the broadcasting signal and keeping equipment in optimal conditions.
  • Producers – Producers manage all aspects of creating a television show or advertisement, from beginning to end.
  • Marketing and Advertising – Jobs available in this field are responsible for developing strategies for marketing and advertising a television program.
  • Sales Representatives – Sales representatives negotiate contracts and deals with networks, advertisers and other business partners.

As you can see, television services are a very diverse industry. There are many opportunities for people to find gainful employment in this field. From production personnel to broadcast engineers, there are jobs out there for everyone. So if you’re looking for a career in television services, now you know how many jobs are available.


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