how many sons did job have

how many sons did job have

How Many Sons Did Job Have?

The Bible tells us Job was a man of great righteousness, who suffered many tragedies. We learn Job had seven sons and three daughters, all of whom lived in separate houses. There is not much information of the details of their lives, but it is believed that they brought great joy to Job and his family.

Biblical Accounts

The main Bible verses that mention Job’s sons and daughters are found in the book of Job. The verses tell us about the gatherings that Job held for his sons:

  • Job 1:4 tells of a gathering when Job offered a burnt offering for each of his sons.
  • Job 42:14 reads, “And he had also seven sons and three daughters.

Descendants of Job

Though it is not specifically stated in the Bible, the book of Jasher mentions that Job had nineteen children in total. Seven of those children were sons, and twelve were daughters. It is believed that these sons and daughters had children of their own and that Job has numerous descendants.


In conclusion, the Bible tells us that Job had seven sons and three daughters. The book of Jasher also reveals that Job had twelve daughters as well, making his total number of children nineteen. Though not much is known about Job’s children, their existence was still greatly important to the story of Job.


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