how much does mike rowe make on dirty jobs

how much does mike rowe make on dirty jobs

How Much Does Mike Rowe Make on Dirty Jobs?

Mike Rowe has become an icon in the reality television genre. He’s best known for his hit television show, Dirty Jobs, which aired between 2005 and 2012. The show followed Rowe and his crew as they undertook some of the most disgusting and dangerous tasks, from sewer inner-tube repairman to alligator wrangler. But what many don’t know is just how much Mike Rowe made from Dirty Jobs.

Salary Range for Mike Rowe’s Work on Dirty Jobs

The exact salary that Mike Rowe made for Dirty Jobs is unknown, but estimates of his earnings have been widely discussed. Several reports suggest Rowe earned $500,000 to $800,000 per year for his work on Dirty Jobs. This makes sense when considering his prominence on the show, as the host and narrator.

Other Ways Mike Rowe Earns Money

In addition to his earnings from Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe has also earned money from other projects. Rowe is a spokesman for many companies and organizations. He has appeared in commercials for Ford, DirecTV, and Shannon’s Reserve. Rowe has also done narration work on shows like The Deadliest Catch and Humanly Impossible. While Rowe’s exact earnings from these projects are unknown, they are likely significant.

Mike Rowe’s Net Worth

So, how much does Mike Rowe make today? His net worth is estimated at around $35 million. This figure is likely made up of his earnings from Dirty Jobs, as well as his other projects.

Final Thoughts

Mike Rowe has made a name for himself as a television host and narrator. His earnings from Dirty Jobs and other projects have likely contributed to his estimated net worth of $35 million. While the actual salary he earned from Dirty Jobs is unknown, estimates suggest it was likely in the range of $500,000 – $800,000 per year.


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