how much does mike rowe make on dirty jobs

how much does mike rowe make on dirty jobs

How Much Money Does Mike Rowe Make From Dirty Jobs?

Mike Rowe is the host of Dirty Jobs, a show on the Discovery Channel which features thrilling and often unusual hard work. It is no secret that he has become wealthy due to this popular show. But just how much money does Mike Rowe make from Dirty Jobs?

Mike Rowe’s Salary

Mike Rowe reportedly earns an annual salary of $10 million for his hosting duties on Dirty Jobs. He has been on the show since it first aired on Discovery Channel in 2005, giving him quite a consistent annual income! In addition, he also adds to his overall income with product promotions, royalty fees, and other sources.

Mike Rowe’s Investments

As well as a reported salary of $10 million a year, Mike Rowe also has several other investments which add to his overall wealth. He is an investor in many business ventures, including companies such as Crate and Barrel. Additionally, he is a major shareholder in the company ZipRecruiter.

Mike Rowe’s Wealth

All these investments have added to Mike Rowe’s overall wealth, leading to a reported net worth of $45 million. With such a high net worth, Rowe can certainly enjoy quite a comfortable life and perhaps even retire early.

Overall, Mike Rowe’s time on Dirty Jobs has been incredibly successful. As well as the joy of meeting new and interesting people along the way, Mike has also had the benefit of earning a large salary and investing his earnings wisely. This has resulted in a huge net worth of $45 million!


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