how much for a touch up paint job

how much for a touch up paint job

How Much Does a Touch Up Paint Job Cost?

Having a car that looks good is an essential part of having pride in your car and want to take care of it. This includes regularly performing maintenance, having a clean interior and finally, having a fresh coat of paint. A full paint job is a costly endeavor, but you may only need to do a smaller job to touch up an area of your car. Touch up paint jobs can make your car look polished and new again without the hefty price tag.

Factors that Determine Cost

The amount you will pay for a touch up paint job can vary from a few dollars to hundreds, depending on the situation. Here are some factors that affect the cost:

  • The type of paint job. Minor chips or scratches in the paint only require basic paint. A larger area damaged by something like a tree branch falling may require additional coats of paint, specialized materials, and more effort.
  • Size of the area. The larger the area, the more material and time is needed.
  • Make and model of car. Some brands and models of cars require special paint or sealer that is more expensive.
  • Experience of technician. As with other services, more experienced technicians and professionals are likely to charge more.

DIY vs Professional Touch Up Paint Job

There are many kits available that allow you to repair the paint chips and scratches yourself. This can be a cost effective option, however, you may need to buy specialized equipment or products to do it the right way. You also need to know how to apply the paint and other materials properly so that the job is done neatly.

Professional touch up paint jobs are more expensive, but they are often the better option because the technician is experienced and can do a more precise job. Additionally, they will most likely guarantee their work, so if something doesn’t look right, you can get it fixed.


Touch up paint job can be cost effective if you do it yourself, but it requires the right knowledge, skill, and materials. Professional work will cost more, but you can expect a better and longer lasting job that is likely to be covered by warranty. To get an estimate on the cost of a touch up paint job for your car, simply take your car to a professional body shop and ask for a quote.


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