how much is a boob job in florida

how much is a boob job in florida

What Should You Know About Getting a Boob Job in Florida?

Getting a boob job or breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the US. If you’re considering a breast augmentation in Florida, there are a few important things to consider.

Cost of a Boob Job in Florida

The cost of a boob job in Florida can vary significantly, depending on the specific procedure chosen and the surgeon you choose. Generally, breast augmentation procedures range from $4,000 – $12,000, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the practice. Additionally, some cost factors that contribute to the overall price include:

  • Anesthesia Fees – You may be charged additional fees for the anesthesia used during surgery.
  • Surgeon Fees – The fee for the surgeon’s services will depend in part on their experience and credentials.
  • Facility Fees – You may be able to save money by having your procedure performed in a surgery center, rather than a hospital.
  • Post-Operative Care – You’ll need to pay for follow-up visits to monitor your recovery and have your sutures removed.

Choosing a Surgeon in Florida

It’s important to take your time when selecting a Florida surgeon for your breast augmentation. You’ll want to make sure your surgeon is qualified and experienced, and that you have a good rapport. Ask to see before and after photos of their past work, and be sure to ask any questions you may have before committing to the surgery. It’s also important to make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as education, certification and experience are important considerations when choosing a doctor.

Risks and Recovery

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with breast augmentation, including pain, bleeding, infection and complications from anesthesia. Your recovery process will depend on your individual case, however in general you should expect to rest and limit physical activity for 3-4 weeks. At this time, your surgeon will most likely recommend that you avoid exercise, wear a compression garment, and take things slow as your body adjusts.


Overall, breast augmentation is a popular procedure for women who want to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. The cost and risks of the surgery vary on a case by case basis, but it’s important to research the cost factors, choose a qualified surgeon and understand the recovery process before making any decisions.


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