how much is a boob job in mexico

how much is a boob job in mexico

How Much Is a Boob Job in Mexico?

For those looking to get a breast augmentation procedure (commonly referred to as a “boob job”) in Mexico, your cost will vary from place to place. The average cost of breast augmentation surgery in Mexico is approximately 25,000 pesos, or about $1,250 USD. It is important to remember that these prices will vary based on factors such as the medical facility, the type of implants utilized, and the experience of the surgeon. Overall, patients can expect to receive a more competitive quote in Mexico than in other parts of the world.

Factors That Impact Cost of a Boob Job in Mexico

  • Medical Facility – There is a wide variety of medical facilities offering breast augmentation surgeries in Mexico, each with various levels of experience and offer different services. High-end centers that are well-regarded and more difficult to secure appointments with will likely charge more than smaller, independent facilities.
  • Type of Implant – Implants come with a variety of shapes and sizes, in addition to different fillers. Realistic-feeling implants tend to cost more than implants made from silicone or saline.
  • Experience of Surgeon – The experience and reputation of the surgeon you select to perform the procedure will have an impact on the cost you are quoted. Opting for a more experienced, board-certified surgeon will cost more than a less experienced surgeon.

How Much Can You Save by Getting a Boob Job in Mexico?

The cost savings of getting a boob job in Mexico can be quite significant. For example, a breast augmentation surgery in the United States typically costs more than $5,000 USD, while in Mexico, the average cost is around $1,250 USD. That’s a savings of at least $3,750 USD!

Overall, Mexico is a great destination for those looking to save money while still receiving excellent service, quality care, and professional results. Before committing to a procedure, however, it is important to review the credentials of both the facilities and surgeons in order to make sure your chosen facility is offering the best care possible.




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