how much is a nose job for deviated septum

Price of a Deviated Septum Repair

A deviated septum is a condition whereby the thin wall of tissue between your nostrils is off-center or crooked. This condition can obstruct breathing and cause other nasal problems, such as a stuffy nose or chronic sinusitis, and may require a surgical procedure, also known as a septoplasty, to correct it.

What is the cost of a nose job for deviated septum?

The price for a septoplasty varies widely, ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on a variety of factors. These factors can include the size and complexity of the procedure, your location, the surgeon you choose, and the type of facility and anesthesia used.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of a septoplasty typically includes the following:

  • Hospital operating room costs: These include costs for the use of the operating room, anesthesia, hospital staff time, and any other hospital-specific fees.
  • Surgeon’s fees: This covers your surgeon’s time, expertise, and professional fees.
  • Any pre-operation or post-operation visits: These may include visits to your surgeon’s office or any follow-up visits after your surgery.

It is important to bear in mind that not all costs are included in the initial septoplasty price, such as medications, surgical dressings, or lab tests. Make sure to ask your health insurance provider or surgeon for clarification of any potential additional costs.

Is it possible to find a more affordable nose job for deviated septum?

In some cases, it is possible to find a suitable, experienced physician at a more affordable price. Surgeons in teaching hospitals may sometimes offer services at lower costs, as do some community clinics and health centers. It is also possible to take out a medical loan to pay for septoplasty.

The cost of a septoplasty varies widely, so it is important to discuss the price with your doctor and look into different options to ensure you get the results you need at a price that fits in with your budget.


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