how much is eve jobs worth

how much is eve jobs worth

How Much Is Eve Jobs Worth?

Eve Jobs, daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. With her family’s estimated net worth of almost $26 billion, Eve Jobs is a wealthy young woman. But just how much is she worth?

Family Inheritance

Eve Jobs inherited her father’s estate when he passed away in 2011. The estimated value of Steve Jobs’ fortune was approximately $7 billion when he died. Out of this estate, Eve Jobs inherited $750 million in stocks, assets, and capital, which is a significant amount of wealth.

Apple Shares

Eve Jobs also received a trust fund from her father that holds 5.5 million Apple shares, which have a current value of about $8 billion. With these shares, Eve Jobs is one of the largest Apple shareholders in the world.

Personal Wealth

Eve Jobs has also accumulated her own wealth from investments and well-chosen business opportunities. Her estimated net worth is $1.5 billion, meaning her total wealth is about $10 billion.


Overall, Eve Jobs is worth an estimated $10 billion. This makes her one of the wealthiest people in the world, and certainly one of the youngest billionaires. With her family’s immense wealth, Eve Jobs has been able to take advantage of many opportunities and build her own impressive wealth.


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