how old is kari jobe

how old is kari jobe

How Old Is Kari Jobe?

Kari Jobe is an American Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter from Texas. She has been inspiring audiences worldwide with her passionate music since she became a leading voice in the worship music movement in 2009. But many fans are curious to know just how old Kari is.

Kari Jobe Biography

Kari Brooke Jobe was born on April 6, 1981, in Waco. She is the second of six children born to her parents. As a child, Kari developed a passion for music and singing and sang locally with her siblings in her church, wherever her father was the Pastor at the time.

When she was 13 years old, Kari became the worship leader at a local church in Dallas. By the time she was 18, she had released her first independent album, Kari Jobe, and had her first full-length studio CD, self-titled Kari Jobe, released in February 2009. She has since released multiple popular worship albums, including Forever (2014), The Garden (2016), and The Blessing (2020).

Kari Jobe’s Age

Kari is currently 39 years old, and celebrates her 40th birthday on April 6, 2021. Despite her age, Kari Jobe is one of the leading voices in the modern Christian music industry.

Kari leads a full and active life, travelling the world for tour dates, spending time with her family, and balancing her career and those she loves. Kari is an inspiring voice and a source of hope to many, clear evidence that age is just a number when it comes to making an impact on the world.

Kari Jobe’s Music

Kari’s sound stands out, thanks to her beautiful and powerful vocals and the inspiring messages in her lyrics. Her sound can be described as modern worship with a pop and rock feel. Her songs have been featured in multiple TV shows, films, and commercials.

Some of her most popular songs include:

  • “Revelation Song”
  • “O the Blood”
  • “Have It All”
  • “Forever”
  • “The Cause of Christ”

Kari Jobe is indeed one of the most talented and inspiring Christian worship artist of modern times. With her inspiring music and age-defying spirit, she is always proving to be an inspiring voice in the world.


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