how old is kari jobe

how old is kari jobe

How old is Kari Jobe?

Kari Jobe is the modern Christian music singer and songwriter of choice for many listeners. She’s beloved for her powerful and moving lyrics, as well as her passionate performance style. But, how old is Kari Jobe?

Kari Jobe’s Date of Birth

Kari Jobe was born April 6, 1981 in Waco, Texas. She just celebrated her 38th birthday and is still going strong in her career.

What She’s Accomplished

Kari Jobe has an impressive list of accomplishments and has already achieved a lot in her singing career. Here are some highlights of her accomplishments:

  • Grammy Nominee: Kari has been nominated for three Grammy’s and won one for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song with “What Love Is This.”
  • GMA Dove Awards: She has won four GMA Dove awards for her music.
  • Author: Jobe has released a book called “The Protection of a Life Lived in Love.”

Where She is Headed

Kari is a dedicated performer and is still making beautiful and inspiring music. She released her fifth live album in 2019, and she is still spreading the joy of everyday life through her music.

Overall, Kari Jobe is 38 years old and is still making powerful music that touches countless lives. We look forward to hearing more from this talented artist in the years to come.


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