how old is reagan from inside job


How Old Is Reagan From Inside Job?

Reagan, the protagonist of the popular movie Inside Job, is the teenage daughter of a young, successful entrepreneur. She has visions of the future and is determined to defy the expectations of her parents and lead a successful life. But just how old is Reagan?

Reagan’s Age in Inside Job

Reagan is 18 years old in Inside Job. She goes through the difficulties of growing up and making difficult decisions when she is deciding how to get ahead in life. Despite not having the financial resources her parents enjoy, she is determined to make it and defy their expectations.

Reagan’s Age in Real Life

In reality, Reagan’s portrayer in Inside Job is Aubrey Dubar, and she was 17 years old when the movie was filmed. Though she looks younger in the film, Dubar is actually slightly older than the character she portrays. She was born in 2000 and Inside Job was filmed in 2017.

Reagan’s Legacy

Reagan is one of the most beloved characters in the popular movie Inside Job. She adds a touch of compassion and understanding for others who are just trying to get ahead in life. Her determination to make it and her courage to defy the expectations of her parents are inspiring to viewers of all ages.

Reagan’s story shows that even those without a lot of money can pursue success with determination and hard work. She may be 18 in the movie, but her impact is timeless.


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