how old was job when satan attacked him

how old was job when satan attacked him

The Story Of Job And Satan’s Attack

Job is a biblical figure mentioned in the Old Testament and renowned for his patience in suffering. He lived during a time of great paganism, and as a result was prone to being tested by God’s adversary – Satan.

Satan’s Attack On Job

According to the book of Job, Satan afflicted him with painful boils, destroyed his possessions, killed his children, and ruined his health. But despite all these difficult trials, Job remained faithful to God. This prompted God to reward him by restoring everything he had lost and even giving him double what he originally had.

How Old Was Job When Satan Attacked Him?

The exact age of Job is not mentioned in the bible, although it is believed he was around ninety. This is based on the fact that many of his speeches in the book of Job contain references to the passing of time and to a long life.

Job’s long life, despite Satan’s attack, is a great testament to his dedication to God. His story serves as an inspiration to us to remain faithful to God no matter what difficulties come our way.

Lessons We Can Learn From Job

We can learn many lessons from Job’s story, such as:

  • Always remain faithful to God: No matter what trials come our way, we should strive to stay true to God and His teachings.
  • Patience is a virtue: Job suffered greatly yet he remained patient and loyal to God.
  • God will reward us for our faith: In the end, Job was rewarded handsomely for his loyalty and faithfulness.

Despite the fact that Job was very old when Satan attacked him, his story is still relevant today and is a reminder that we should hold firm to our faith no matter how hard things get.


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