how to access pay stubs from old job

how to access pay stubs from old job

Accessing Pay Stubs from a Former Employer

If you are looking for pay stubs from a former job, there are a few different steps you can take to get ahold of those important documents.

Contact Your Employer

The easiest way to access old pay stubs is to contact your former employer directly. Your former employer is likely required to keep your pay stubs on record for a certain amount of time after your employment, so it pays to reach out and see if they can provide them.

File a Public Records Request

If your employer is unable or unwilling to provide you with your old pay stubs, you can always file a public records request. Every state has different requirements and fees for filing a request like this, but once the request is approved, you should be able to access a copy of any and all pay stubs you have earned while working with that employer.

Get Help from a Professional

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to seek the help of a professional in order to obtain copies of your old pay stubs. Accountants, tax advisors and other financial professionals may be able to help you obtain the pay stubs you need, although you may need to pay a nominal fee for their services.

No matter how old they may be, it is always good to have copies of your pay stubs on file just in case. With these three strategies, you should be able to easily access copies of any old pay stubs you need.


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