how to apply for a bar job

how to apply for a bar job

How to Apply for a Bar Job

A bar job is an excellent choice for those looking to launch a career in the bar and hospitality industry. Whether you’re working behind the bar or supervising, a bar job can provide you with excellent customer service skills and give you the opportunity to work for some of the best hospitality venues in your area. Applying for bar jobs requires a bit of preparation and effort, but it can result in great long-term and even permanent employment. Here are some tips for getting hired for your dream job at a bar.

1. Make a killer resume

Your resume is the most important tool you have when applying for a bar job. Craft your resume to showcase all your relevant hospitality experience and focus on any customer service and bar tending experience you might have. If you have no bar experience, don’t worry. Your resume should also emphasize any general customer service experience you have, such as working in retail or hospitality, like waiting tables or serving food. A great resume can be the first step towards getting your dream job.

2. Get the right certifications

You’ll need to have a few certifications to help land a bar job. Depending on where you’re applying, you will likely need to have or get a Food Handlers Permit, a TIPS certification (Alcohol Server and Seller), and any other required certifications. These certifications help prove to employers that you understand the laws and regulations when it comes to working with alcohol and that you are serious about your job search.

3. Practice your interview skills

Once you have your resume and certifications in order, it’s time to start preparing for the interview. Bar jobs require excellent customer service and communication skills, so it’s essential to be prepared. Research common bar job interview questions and practice your answers. Additionally, be prepared to explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job and what makes you stand out from the competition.

4. Follow up after the interview

At the end of the interview, make sure to thank the interviewer for their time, and follow up with a brief email a day or two later. This can help keep you top of mind for the employer and make sure that you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

5. Network and be persistent

Finally, don’t be afraid to network and make connections in the industry. Knowing people in the hospitality industry can get your foot in the door and ensure you get considered for opportunities even before they are posted. Also, don’t give up if you don’t initially get the job. Bar jobs can be competitive, so be patient and keep applying until you land the right one.

Tips for Applying for Bar Jobs

  • Craft a killer resume that showcases hospitality experience
  • Get the required certifications (e.g., Food Handler’s Permit, TIPS certification)
  • Practice your interview skills by researching common bar job interview questions
  • Follow up after the interview with a brief email
  • Network and make connections in the industry
  • Be persistent and don’t give up


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