how to ask for a job that doesn’t exist

how to ask for a job that doesn’t exist

How to Ask for a Job that Doesn’t Yet Exist

Getting a job when you’re fresh out of college or otherwise new to the workforce can be difficult. But don’t let yourself be discouraged if you can’t find an existing job. There are ways to create job opportunities for yourself, you just have to know how to ask!

Prepare Your Pitch

The most important step to getting a job that does not exist is to have a well-prepared pitch for the potential employer. Think about the following questions:

  • What skills and qualifications do you have? Make sure to include any unique knowledge, experience, or certifications.
  • What value do you bring to the organization? Show the employer how you’ll be an asset to the team.
  • What role are you proposing? Clearly explain and define the role you are suggesting and what you’re offering.

Creating a good pitch and making sure that you’re addressing these questions will be pivotal in your success.

Research the Potential Employer

Before you reach out to a potential employer, make sure you do your research about their business and industry. Understand their current business objectives and think about how your role could help them meet their goals.

It’s also important to contact the right person when you reach out. Ideally, you should reach out to decision-makers or people who have the power to create a new position.

Be Flexible and Forward-Thinking

Be prepared to go outside of the box to get the job you want. Companies often don’t have a need for a new job title or role but may appreciate a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

Be open minded in your search and be ready to take on a role that may not be formally defined. Over time, you can work to define it and create a job that meets your skills and interests.

Reach Out

Once you have prepared your pitch, your research is complete and you’re ready to pursue an opportunity, the next step is to reach out to a potential employer and start a conversation. Let them know you’re interested in doing something new and different and explain why you think you can contribute to their business.

Be persistent but polite in your outreach and don’t give up until you get a response. You may have to follow up a few times, but your persistence can pay off.


Asking for a job that does not yet exist can seem daunting but with preparation, research and perseverance, you’ll have a good chance of success! Good luck!


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