how to ask for a job that doesn’t exist

how to ask for a job that doesn’t exist

Asking For A Job That Doesn’t Exist

Asking for a job that is not currently advertised can be intimidating. It is natural to wonder if the effort put into the job application will go to waste. Despite the uncertainty, proactively asking for a job is possible if you take the right approach.

Find A Contact

The first step is to identify the right kind of people who can help you.

  • Research – Utilize online resources such as LinkedIn and other job search websites to identify employees from the same or similar industries whose paths you would like to follow.
  • Ask Around – Reach out to your friends and family members for helpful contacts. Make sure you are approaching people who are in the same field or know someone who is.

Craft A Pitch

Once you have identified potential contacts, you will need to create an effective pitch for yourself.

  • Highlight Your Skills – Explain your skills and experiences in a way that is relevant to the company. Be sure to offer specific examples of how you could be an asset to the company.
  • Be Clear and Concise – Keep your pitch brief and to the point, while still providing enough detail to demonstrate your capabilities and enthusiasm.

Follow Up

After you have submitted your pitch, it is important to follow up in order to make sure it made it to the right person.

  • Send A Reminder – After a few days, reach out and remind the contact that you had sent a pitch earlier. Make sure to mention the specific role you are seeking.
  • Keep Trying – If you get no response after the reminder, try reaching out to other potential contacts. While you shouldn’t be pushy, being persistent shows your dedication to the position and can sometimes win over potential employers.

Asking for job that is not currently advertised can be intimidating, but with the right approach and a bit of persistence, it can pay off. By doing the necessary research and crafting an effective pitch, you can make a strong case for yourself and have a chance to land that elusive dream job.


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