how to bid a flooring job

how to bid a flooring job

How to Bid on a Flooring Job

With so many customers wanting to improve their home’s interior, the demand for flooring services is on the rise. If you’re looking to take advantage of the trend and become a professional flooring contractor, one of the first steps is learning to bid on flooring jobs.

Steps for Bidding on Flooring Jobs

  • Do Your Research – Before bidding, be sure to thoroughly research costs for labor and materials. Identify the total parts and labor needed for the job, any applicable taxes, and determine a reasonable price.
  • Include a Contract – Offer customers a written contract that outlines the bid amount, timeline of the project, expected services and materials, and payment terms. All parties involved will agree to the terms of the written document.
  • Estimate Job Timeline – When bidding, provide a timeline of when the project will begin and when it’s expected to be completed. Be realistic and take into consideration factors such as delays in ordering materials, weather, and local holidays.
  • Guarantee Quality Work – Promise customers quality workmanship that goes beyond their expectations. This not only ensures a higher bid, but also provides confidence and future referrals.
  • Change Orders – Include a clause in the contract that outlines the procedure for any change orders or additional services.
  • Get Promotional – Consider offering discounts, add-on services, or incentives to draw more customers.

Bidding on a flooring job is a simple way to bring in new customers and increase profits. With the right research and preparation, you will be able to confidently offer quality services and enjoy a successful business.


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