how to bid a house cleaning job

how to bid a house cleaning job

How To Bid A House Cleaning Job

With more and more people looking for ways to make extra money, house cleaning can be a great option. The key to success in this field lies in your ability to accurately assess the job, identify how you will do the job, and price the job fairly. Here are some tips on how to bid a house cleaning job correctly.

Step 1: Analyze The Job

Before bidding a house cleaning job, you should mull over the details of the job. Assess the square footage of the house and any other important factors that could influence the amount of effort required. Consider how often the house will need to be cleaned, and the client’s cleaning expectations, such as whether they need any special cleaning services or products.

Step 2: Outline Your Cleaning Process

What steps are you going to take when cleaning the house? Outline each step and what you expect to do for each. This will help the client understand your process and help them choose you for the job.

Step 3: Price Fairly

When pricing the job, consider the factors you identified in Step 1. If the job is more difficult or labor-intensive than an average job, you should price it higher. It’s also important to take your time and cost into account. You should be compensated fairly for your services.

Step 4: Consider Providing a Discount

Offering a discount or special deal can give you an edge over the competition, and will make the client more likely to go with you. You can offer a discount for returning clients or additional services, such as laundry or deep-cleaning.

Step 5: Submit Your Bid

Once your bid is prepared, make sure it’s appealing and professional. Include all the details you discussed with the client and the pricing information. With these five steps, you’ll be well-prepared to bid on any house cleaning job.


Bidding on house cleaning jobs is an important process to understand. Knowing how to assess a job, develop a plan, and create an appealing bid will help you land more cleaning jobs and get good reviews. Follow the tips and advice outlined above, and you’ll have success bidding on house cleaning jobs.


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