how to bid a landscaping job

how to bid a landscaping job

How to Bid a Landscaping Job

Landscaping offers a great business opportunity for someone with lots of creative ideas and the willingness to put in hard work. If you’re considering entering the world of landscaping, it’s important to understand how to successfully bid on a landscaping job. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your success.

Research the Potential Client

The first step towards getting a great landscaping job is to do research on what type of work the client is looking for. Ask specific questions about the project, such as the size of the yard, how many trees and shrubs are to be planted, and how much outdoor lighting they are looking for. This will give you a good indication of the client’s expectations and the complexity of the job.

Calculate the Cost of Materials

Once you have all the information you need about the job, the next step is to figure out the cost of the materials. Determine the estimated cost of the plants, soil, and other materials needed for the job. This step is crucial in calculating the total cost of the project accurately.

Present an Itemized Quote

Once you have all the details and have calculated the cost of the materials, you can begin to craft an itemized quote for the landscaping job. This will allow the client to see all the costs associated with the project. Make sure to include the cost of labor and any additional services you can provide, such as lawn care and regular maintenance.

Follow Up and Negotiate

Finally, it’s important to follow up with the client and let them know that you are available to discuss the job further. Negotiating is also important in bidding a landscaping job. Be flexible and willing to offer discounts or other incentives in order to get the job.


Bidding a landscaping job is not a simple task, but with the right approach and research, you’ll be able to successfully bid for jobs and have clients who will be happy with the results. By researching the client, calculating the cost of materials, presenting an itemized quote and following up and negotiating, you can set yourself up for a successful bid.


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