how to bid jobs as a general contractor

how to bid jobs as a general contractor

Steps to Successfully Bid on Jobs as a General Contractor

Bidding for a job as a general contractor can be a tricky process, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can successfully win profitable contracts. Here’s how to become the preferred bidder:

Do Your Homework

Before even looking at job postings, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your own abilities. Knowing what you can do and how you can execute those tasks will help you decide if a job is realistic for you or if you should pass on it.

Understand the Project Details

As soon as you secure the bid documents, carefully read through it and become familiar with the scope of the project. Ensure you understand all the details before submitting your proposal. Being sure you have a firm grasp of the scope of work will ensure a more accurate bid.

Create Your Proposal

When creating your bid, make sure it is clear and professional with an outline of services, detailed information on materials and labor, and a timeline for completion. Other factors such as safety, permits, insurance and warranties should all be included.

Price It Right

When determining the price, it is important to add in the cost of all necessary materials, but also take into account the cost of any other vendors involved in the project and the cost of labor and overhead.

But, it is also important to be competitive in your bid since there is likely to be other contractors bidding on the same job. When submitting your quote, include pricing options to show your understanding of the scope and the level of commitment you can offer.

Adapt & Adjust

When making a bid, it is important to be flexible and willing to make adjustments when necessary. Be prepared for surprises along the way and ready to adapt if need be. You may find that certain aspects of the project must be changed or some elements must be completely altered.

Follow Up

Once you have submitted your bid, follow up with the customer on occasion to make sure that your proposal is still under consideration or to inquire if any additional information is needed.

Following these tips will put you in a better position to win bids and make sure you are successful as a general contractor. Good luck!


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