how to bid landscaping jobs

how to bid landscaping jobs

How to Bid Landscaping Jobs

As a landscape worker, getting the job done efficiently and profitably requires a deep understanding of your costs, the local market, and being able to make a bid that will get you hired. Here are some tips to help you prepare effective bids for landscaping jobs.

Determine Your Costs

Before you begin bidding, calculate all of your costs, including labor and material costs, to ensure that you are making a reasonable profit on the job. Make sure to factor in transportation costs and any other costs that may apply to the job.

Research the Local Market

Become familiar with the fees that other local landscapers are charging for similar services. This will help set realistic expectations for what you can charge for your services.

Understand the Job Requirements

Make sure to get all the details of the job from the customer and any other necessary parties. Review the design plans, take measurements of the site, and make sure to understand any special requirements for the job, such as the use of specialized materials or tools.

Determine Your Bid Price

Once you have all the necessary information, use the following formula to calculate your bid price:

  • Cost = Materials + Labor + Overhead (Fixed Costs)
  • Profit = Bid Price – Cost

By using this formula, you can easily determine the price you should charge to cover your total cost and ensure a reasonable profit margin.


Be prepared to negotiate with the customer if necessary. Be confident in the value you bring to the job and don’t be afraid to renegotiate based on the customer’s budget.

Finalize the Agreement

Once you have reached an agreement with the customer, make sure to write up a contract that outlines the job requirements and payment terms to protect both parties.

By following these tips, you can learn how to effectively bid for landscaping jobs that will bring in the most profit for your business.


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