how to bid on lawn care jobs

how to bid on lawn care jobs

Bidding for Lawn Care Jobs: Step-by-Step Guide

For those with a green thumb and the skills to operate mowers, edgers, and an array of other powered tools, becoming a professional lawn care specialist is an excellent way to make an income outdoors. To get started, you’ll need to learn how to bid on lawn care jobs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Do your research

Once you’ve identified jobs to compete for, it’s time to start research. Visit the customers’ property to evaluate the area that needs care and consider it in your bid. Take careful measurements, survey the terrain for difficulty, and calculate the time and materials it will take to complete the job. When you have the necessary information, you can add it to your bid and ensure you’re submitting a competitive price.

Step 2: Analyze the competition

Take a look at the bids of other companies offering lawn services. This may give you an indication of what is expected out of your bid and help you decide on an appropriate price point.

Step 3: Prepare a professional bid proposal

A bid proposal is a document that outlines the services you’re offering, the project timeframe, and your proposed price. Be sure to include:

  • Scope of Work – Clearly outline the tasks you are willing to perform.
  • Timeline and Deliverables – Let the customer know when you plan to complete the lawn care services and which materials will be used.
  • Total Cost – Provide a detailed breakdown of the services along with the total cost.

Step 4: Submit your bid

Once completed, you can submit your bid either in person or via email. Make sure to include all relevant information and answer any customer questions promptly.

Step 5: Negotiate if necessary

The customer may have questions and wants to negotiate a price point. Be prepared to carefully discuss the nature of the lawn services and the price you are asking. Prove why your bid is fair and explain your services will add value to the customer’s property.


Bidding on lawn care jobs can be a competitive process, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can make a compelling offer and secure a successful job. Do the necessary research, prepare a professional proposal and, if need be, negotiate your prices to win the job and make a profit.


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