how to cancel roomba job

how to cancel roomba job

How to Cancel a Roomba Job

Cleaning your home can be a tedious chore and an automated robot like the Roomba can help to make it easier. However, if you need to cancel a Roomba job, there are some steps you need to take. Follow these steps to cancel a Roomba job:

Before Cancelling

  • Determine whether the Roomba has a remote:

    • If yes, then the process is simple – press the cancel button on the remote.
    • If not, then you need to purchase one before you can cancel a Roomba job.

  • Check the Roomba’s settings: Determine whether the Roomba is set up to repeat its job or just to do it once and then stop.
  • Check the Roomba’s location: Make sure the Roomba is in a spot where it is safe to turn off.

Cancelling the Job

  • Press the cancel button on the remote if you have one.
  • If not, turn off the Roomba by pressing and holding the power button on the Roomba.
  • After it is turned off, press and hold the power button again to turn it back on again.
  • When the Roomba is turning on, press and hold the “clean” button on the Roomba. This will cancel the job.
  • If it is set up to repeat its job, you may need to check its settings and change them to ensure it will not start again once it has been cancelled.

Following these steps will ensure you know how to properly cancel a Roomba job.


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