how to do a foot job

how to do a foot job

How to Do a Foot Job Properly

Giving someone a foot job can be a great form of foreplay! Here are some tips to make sure you do it just right:

Before You Begin

  • Communication – it’s important to talk to your partner and make sure they’re comfortable with what’s happening before you begin.
  • Hygiene – be sure to wash your feet beforehand, and ask if your partner would like you to use a foot scrub to make the massage more enjoyable.
  • Oil – using oil will enhance the experience and keep your partner’s skin moisturized during the massage.
  • Massage – it’s helpful to rub the entire foot and gradually increase the pressure during the massage to get your partner used to the sensation.

During the Foot Job

  • Circular Motions – slowly circle your thumb and forefinger around the arch of your partner’s foot for a soothing massage.
  • Gently Pull Toes – pulling each toe gently will help relax the area. Be sure to go slowly and communicate with your partner.
  • Gently Caress the Soles of the Feet – using your palms and fingers, move them in slow circles to stimulate and relax the area.
  • Kiss & Lick the Feet – kissing and lightly licking the arches and balls of the feet can increase pleasure and arousal in your partner.

After the Foot Job

Once you’ve finished giving the foot job, it’s important to take some time to relax with your partner and enjoy the experience. Be sure to take a few moments to talk about the experience and get feedback from your partner. Enjoy!


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