how to estimate demolition jobs

how to estimate demolition jobs

How to Estimate Demolition Projects

Whether you’re looking to demolish a small deck or a massive building, estimating the cost and potential challenges of the job is essential. Follow the steps below to effectively estimate your next demolition project.

Step 1: Calculate the Liquidation Value of the Property

The liquidation value is the net worth of a property if it was to be demolished and resold as value-added scrap material. Any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, should also be considered during this calculation.

Step 2: Consider Location and Accessibility

Not all demolition jobs require the same amount of demolition work. The location and accessibility of the project can have a major impact on the cost of the job. For example, a demolition project located in an urban center will typically be more expensive than a project located in a rural area.

Step 3: Factor in Labor and Equipment Costs

Labor costs, including wages and benefits, should be considered when estimating a demolition project. Additionally, you will need to factor in the cost of any necessary equipment, such as excavation or demolition machinery.

Step 4: Factor in Disposal Costs

Once the demolition job is complete, you will need to dispose of all the debris. You should factor in the cost of the necessary permits and dumpsters to safely and efficiently dispose of the debris.

Step 5: Take into Account Delays and Unforeseen Costs

No demolition job is straightforward, so it is important to factor in potential delays and unforeseen costs. If a project runs into complications, you should be prepared to cover related costs.


Estimating the cost of a demolition project is essential for staying within budget. To properly estimate a demolition job, consider the following:

  • The liquidation value of the property
  • The location and accessibility of the project
  • Labor and equipment costs
  • Disposal costs
  • Potential delays and unforeseen costs

By taking the above factors into account, you will be able to accurately calculate the expected cost of the demolition job.


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