how to find jobs in canada from us

how to find jobs in canada from us

Finding Jobs in Canada from the United States

Are you interested in working in Canada from your home in the United States? A few key steps will help you in your search for jobs in Canada from the US.

1. Research Your Visa Options

Before anything else, you must determine if you need a visa to work in Canada. Depending on your US citizenship status, consult this link to see what visa you may need to work in Canada. It is also important to consider your visa options before actively looking for jobs in Canada.

2. Utilize Job Search Boards

Once you have determined your visa needs, you can start your job search in Canada. Try using some of these popular job boards and websites:

  • LinkedIn – You can use the “Jobs” tab on your LinkedIn profile to search for jobs in Canada.
  • Indeed – Indeed is a popular job search board that has a search feature for jobs in Canada.
  • Government Websites – Look for government websites in provinces and job postings their.

3. Contact Canadian Employers

Aside from job search boards, you can reach out to Canadian employers directly. If you know someone from Canada, reach out to them and ask if they can provide you with any contacts. If not, search for companies with US ties or who have positions that can be filled remotely.

4. Refine Your Job Search

When applying for jobs in Canada, it is important to refine your job searching strategy. Consider researching top companies in Canada, target major cities in different provinces, and look into the cost of living in those cities to ensure your salary needs are met.


Finding a job in Canada from the US may be a good opportunity, but it is important to research visa options and job search websites, to reach out to Canadian employers, and to refine your searching strategy in the process. With the right amount of research and networking, you may find a job in Canada from the US.

This article was written by Ashley Meyer.


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