how to get a corporate pilot job

how to get a corporate pilot job

Tips to Get a Corporate Pilot Job

Earning a pilot’s job as a corporate pilot can be a rewarding and exciting career move. In order to be successful in this field, there are certain skills, qualifications, and tips to keep in mind.

Essential Qualifications

  • FAA Certified Pilot License: In order to be a corporate pilot, one must have a valid FAA pilot license. This will require flying a minimum of 40 hours, although an applicant may need more depending on the experience level and the company.
  • Medical and Flight Physical: Each corporate pilot must be examined every 6 or 12 months by an aeromedical examiner and be declared physically fit to fly.
  • Knowledge of Weather Systems: Having an understanding of different weather systems will be extremely beneficial for a corporate pilot.
  • Education: Although it may not be formally required, most employers prefer pilots to have higher levels of education.

Tips For Landing the Job

  • Gain Flying Experience: The more flying experience an applicant has, the higher the chances of being hired. Make sure to keep a record of the hours flown, aircraft flown and the destinations visited.
  • Build a Network: It’s important to build relationships with corporate owners, industry contacts, and other aviation professionals.
  • Improve Your Qualifications: Pilots should take classes in flight safety, navigation and communication courses as needed.
  • Search for Openings: There are many job boards and websites devoted to finding corporate jobs for pilots.

Finding a good corporate pilot job is achievable as long as you have the right qualifications and tips by your side. Following these steps can ensure your path to success and allow you to have an exciting and rewarding career.


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