how to get a job after being fired for harassment

how to get a job after being fired for harassment

Getting a Job After Being Fired for Harassment

Facing the Challenge

Being fired for harassment is a difficult situation to overcome. It may seem like the end of a career, but with the right steps, it is possible to get back on the job hunt and find employment again. It will take research, open-mindedness, and determination, but with perseverance, a new job can be yours.

Steps to Take

  • Analyse the Situation: Take the time to determine how and why the harassment occurred. Determine your own feelings about the situation and how it was handled. By understanding the situation, you can explain it if necessary and have better control in the future.
  • Apologize: If appropriate, make an honest apology for your actions. Even though it can be embarrassing, it may demonstrate remorse and chariness to potential employers. Depending on the situation and your values, also offer to make restitution to those hurt by your actions.
  • Develop a Job Search Plan: Take a look at the job market and fields that suit your skills and interests. Create a plan of action and set realistic expectations of the types of jobs that might be available and the timeline for obtaining them.
  • Be Prepared to Explain: Build an explanation that is brief and honest and related to the facts and feeling of the situation. Practice it to help feel more comfortable when sharing it.
  • Research Potential Employers: Understand prospective employers and the cultures, processes, and policies that shape the organization. Make sure that you can fit into the environment and being on top of the organization and the positions can help nail the interview.
  • Network and Develop Relationships: Talk to people who hold positions that you would like to one day occupy. Establishing relationships can help develop insight and create potential job leads.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Finding a new job can be an emotional rollercoaster. Try to maintain a positive outlook and be sure to do activities that help to boost your morale and energy.

Moving Forward

Being fired for harassment can be a difficult situation to overcome. However, by following the steps above, you can get back on your feet and start your job search. It may be difficult, but with perseverance, you can land a job and get back to work.


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