how to get a job at a wildlife sanctuary

how to get a job at a wildlife sanctuary

How to Get a Job at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuaries are incredible places to work. Not only do they give you the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful animals, but you can also work to help ensure that their habitats are kept safe and healthy. To get a job at a wildlife sanctuary, there is a lot of planning, preparation and work you must do.

Start with Research

Researching the kinds of openings that may be available is the first step. Search for wildlife sanctuaries in your area and look for threads in online forums associated with the sanctuaries. Knowing who is hiring and what qualifications they are looking for is essential. You may also want to be in touch with universities and research institutes associated with wildlife study; they may be able to provide you with some advice or with lists of potential employers.

Put Together a Resume

Once you’ve identified a place you may want to work, you should put together a resume. An effective resume should include your qualifications and previous experience, as well as a description of the kind of work you’re interested in doing. Be sure to highlight any skills that you have that would be beneficial in a sanctuary.

Keep Updating Your Skillset

The wildlife sanctuary field is always evolving, so it’s important to keep your skills up to date. Consider taking classes or workshops related to wildlife conservation, biology, or animal behavior. These courses can provide valuable insight and also boost your resume.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is a great way to find a job at a wildlife sanctuary. Join forums, attend conferences and events related to wildlife sanctuary work. You can also inquire with sanctuary personnel about internships; these can be a great stepping stone to finding a full-time job.

Be Prepared for Interviews

Once you’ve identified an opening and applied, be prepared for interviews. Have a clear understanding of the type of work you’ll be doing, any challenges you may face, and what measures you’ll take to ensure the safety of the animals in question.


Getting a job at a wildlife sanctuary requires hard work and dedication. Do your research, prepare an effective resume, and make sure to network. Your preparation and enthusiasm will demonstrate to employers that you’re serious about this job and provide you with the best possible chance at landing it.


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