how to get a job at fort knox

how to get a job at fort knox

How to Get a Job at Fort Knox

Fort Knox is known for being one of the most secure military facilities in the world. Getting a job at this facility requires dedication and dedication to the US Armed Forces. Here are a few tips on how to get a job at Fort Knox:

Step 1: Research the positions available

The first step to getting a job at Fort Knox is to research the positions available. There are many different types of jobs available at the site, ranging from Army personnel to civilian workers. It is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of the positions in order to determine which is best suited for you.

Step 2: Obtain Proper Documentation

The second step to getting a job at Fort Knox is to obtain the proper documentation. This includes a valid state driver’s license, any background documentations, and a legal birth certificate.

Step 3: Apply for Open Positions

Once all the necessary paperwork has been completed, the applicant must apply for open positions at Fort Knox. Depending on the job, an online application or paper form may be required to be filled out.

Step 4: Pass Background and Security Checks

After an initial interview and after the applicant has submitted any required documents, they will then need to pass a background and security check. This process may include a background check, a polygraph test, and/or a psychological screening.

Step 5: Secure a Job Offer

If the applicant successfully passes through the security and background checks, they can then secure a job offer. Once a job offer is given, an official offer of employment letter will be sent and the successful applicant can begin their journey into the US Armed Forces and their new job at Fort Knox.


Getting a job at Fort Knox is an exciting and rewarding experience. With the right dedication, references, and education, anyone can land a job in this secure, military facility. However, it is important for applicants to be aware of the steps and tasks needed to land such a job.


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