how to get a job in animation without a degree

how to get a job in animation without a degree

How to Get a Job in Animation Without a Degree

Animation is a creative field, where having formal academic qualifications is not as important as having strong technical and artistic talents. Even without a degree, you can still pursue a career in animation and become successful. Here are some tips on how to get a job in animation without a degree.

1. Develop Your Technical Skills

The most important step when looking for a job in animation is to develop your technical skills. This means taking the time to practice your animation and develop your craft. You should be able to create convincing characters and worlds with a minimum of fuss. Some key technical skills you should have include proper understanding of anatomy and 3D modeling.

2. Show Your Artistic Talents

In addition to your technical skills, it’s important to show off your artistic talents. This means that having a portfolio of your work is essential for getting a job in animation. A portfolio should be overflowing with different styles and showcase a wide range of animation techniques. Animation studios are looking for someone who can bring something fresh and different to the table.

3. Network With Animators

Networking is an important part of the job search and animation is no exception. By attending seminars, conventions, and workshops, you’ll be able to meet and make contact with people in the animation industry. This will provide you with insight into the industry and give you a chance to show off your skills.

4. Apply to Internships

Applying to internships is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and find a job in animation without a degree. Internships offer valuable experience and exposure to the animation industry. You’ll also have the chance to work alongside experienced animators, which will help you develop your skills and make valuable contacts.

5. Build a Professional Online Presence

The last step when looking for a job in animation is to build a professional online presence. This includes creating a website or portfolio showcasing your work, as well as joining professional social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. You should also consider creating a blog to help demonstrate your expertise in the animation industry.


animation is an exciting and creative field, and even without a degree, you can still find success. By developing your technical and artistic skills and networking with other animators, you’ll be able to showcase your talents and find a job in animation without a degree. So, take the time to create a professional online presence and start applying to internships to give your animation career the best chance of success.


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