how to get a job with msf

how to get a job with msf

How to Get a Job with MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian organization that provides medical aid to people in need around the world. They are renowned for their commitment to helping those in need, and as such it can be difficult to get a job at MSF. However, with enough hard work and dedication, it is possible to get a job at MSF. Here are some tips on how to get a job with MSF.

Research the Organization

Before beginning your job search, it is important that you thoroughly research MSF and understand what the organization stands for. This is key to becoming familiar with the type of people they are looking to hire and the qualifications they require. Additionally, researching MSF will also help you gain more insight into their mission and the kind of work they do.

Network and Connect

Networking and connecting with people who are already employed at MSF or who have experience at the organization can prove to be extremely valuable for gaining insights and advice on how to get a job at MSF. Additionally, you could also attend MSF meetings and events, which are open to the public, in order to better understand the organization and meet potential contacts.

Understand Job Requirements

In order to be hired at MSF, you must have the right qualifications and experience. The organization generally requires that potential employees have a degree in medicine, public health, nutrition, or another medical field and previous work experience in humanitarian settings. It is also important to be fluent in at least one foreign language in order to be considered for a job with MSF.

Apply Online

Once you have gained a solid understanding of MSF and the job requirements, it is time to apply for a job. You can apply for jobs directly from the MSF website and should make sure that you tailor your application to the specific position you are applying for. It is also important to include a comprehensive cover letter and résumé for your application to be considered.

Follow Up

Once you have submitted your application, it is important to follow up with a call or email to show your dedication and commitment to getting a job with MSF. This will also help ensure that your application isn’t lost in the saturation of applicants and that your application is being looked at seriously.

Getting a job at MSF is no easy feat, but with the right attitude and dedication, it is possible. With these tips and the right preparation, you will be in a great position to become an MSF employee.


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