how to get a job with pending charges

how to get a job with pending charges

How To Get A Job With Pending Charges

When you have pending charges, it can be difficult to find gainful employment. Unfortunately, many employers are not willing to consider people with pending criminal cases. There is, however, some hope for those in this situation. With some determination and the right approach, you may be able to secure a job despite your pending charges.

Be Honest

Honesty should be at the forefront when you are looking for a job. If a potential employer asks whether you have any pending charges, it’s important to be truthful. Remember that your charges do not always have to be a deterrent to finding a job. Being honest and open about your situation will help the employer understand your case more clearly.

Highlight Your Qualifications

Having pending charges can be a major obstacle, but that doesn’t mean you should let that be the only thing an employer focuses on. You should make sure to highlight your qualifications and professionalism in your job applications and interviews. Be confident in the skills, knowledge and experience that you can bring to the role.

Find the Right Type of Employer

It’s important to research prospective employers to make sure you find the most suitable one for your situation. It may be beneficial to look for employers who specialize in hiring applicants with pending charges. These employers may be more open to offering solutions and assistance to help you find and secure a job.

Be Patient

Finding a job when you have pending charges can be a lengthy process. There can be many obstacles to overcome and it’s important to remain patient and adaptable to different situations. Showing an employer that you are willing to work hard, no matter the challenges, can demonstrate your level of commitment and dedication.

Use Your Network

A great way to find a job is to use your network. Use your family, friends and acquaintances to network and find potential job opportunities. Having someone provide a personal recommendation can be beneficial, as it will give the employer credibility on your character and abilities.


Getting a job with pending charges can be a difficult task. However, with some determination and the right approach, it is possible to find gainful employment. Remember to be honest, highlight your qualifications, find the right type of employer, be patient, and utilize your network to your advantage. All of these steps combined can greatly increase your chances of getting a job.


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