how to get a job without internship experience


Getting That Job Without Internship Experience

Organizations justifiably look for past Internship experience when considering candidates for a posting, but it doesn’t have to determine whether or not you get the job. Even in the absence of this experience, there are other things you can do to demonstrate your suitability.

Research & preparation

Start your job search by researching roles thoroughly and researching the companies you’re targeting. Show that you understand the role, the industry and the organization.

Take any opportunity you can to speak to people already working in or around the same sector. They may be able to provide practical advice, share industry tips and even put you forward for jobs.

Get organizing

Organizations look for candidates who have taken ownership and responsibility for past tasks, activities and projects. This demonstrates that you have the capacity to lead projects and effectively manage time and resources.

As an alternative to Internships, you can take a voluntary role or start your own small business. These activities will display your commitment to achieving and demonstrate your self-starting attitude.

Online portfolio

An online portfolio is another great way of demonstrating your skills and accomplishments. Create a portfolio by sharing documents, uploading audio, videos and pictures of your work.

You don’t need to be an IT specialist to do this. Styling your portfolio so it looks professional will give a good impression and show you’re serious about getting the job.


Networking can be a great way of getting your name out there and connecting with potential employers. Take the time to join relevant online discussions and live events in your sector. This also helps to show that you are up to date with current industry trends.

Key skills

Finally, take some time to read up on the key skills and qualifications for the role and sector you are interested in. Think about what you could do to demonstrate that you already have these skills, or to try and acquire them.

Many employers are willing to overlook past Internship experience if your skills and enthusiasm shine through.


Getting a job without Internship experience isn’t necessarily easy, but it is possible. With research, planning and commitment you can demonstrate that you have the skills, qualifications and passion to make it in the industry. Emphasizing what you can do, rather than what you haven’t done, can be key to success when applying for your first job.


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