how to get a sales job

how to get a sales job

How to Get a Sales Job

When you’re looking for a job in sales, there are a few things you need to consider. Not only do you have to have the right qualifications, you’ll also have to find the right employer and know exactly how to showcase your skills. Fortunately, the following steps can help you get started in the world of sales.

1. Get Qualified

Before you can even think of applying for sales jobs, you’ll have to prove you have the right qualifications. Most companies will look for:

  • Educational Qualifications: If you already have a degree in a related field, it will be easier for you to prove your competence. Oftentimes, sales positions require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.
  • Sales Experience: Most employers prefer job applicants that have had some prior experience in sales, although these positions can sometimes be filled by individuals with no prior experience.
  • Certifications: Obtaining certifications from reputable organizations, such as the National Professional Sales Association, can help prove your abilities and knowledge in sales.

2. Find the Right Employer

Once you have the right qualifications and experience, you can start looking for the right employer. Networking with peers, doing research, and scouring job boards are all great ways to find potential employers.

Regardless of where you find employers, be sure to research the company you’re applying to, including the types of products they sell, their target customer demographics, and the sales strategies they use.

Once you have identified potential employers, it’s time to take your search to the next step and create a stellar resume that best reflects your skills and credentials.

3. Create an Impressive Resume

A good resume is essential for getting a job in sales, as it will help you stand out from other applicants when you apply for a position. The key to making your resume stand out is to focus on the skills and experiences that the employer will be looking for.

Some of the highlights you can feature on your resume include:

  • Communication Skills: Demonstrate your communication skills by highlighting your public speaking experience, ability to negotiate, and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-Motivation: Employers look for energetic and motivated sales professionals. Highlight any initiatives you’ve undertaken in the past which demonstrate your self-motivation and drive.
  • Product Knowledge: Being able to explain and showcase the features of the products your company sells is an important skill. You can demonstrate your knowledge by providing examples of successful sales you’ve done in the past.

4. Follow Up & Get Ready for the Interview

In addition to a well-crafted resume, you must also learn how to follow up after submitting your application. Keep in contact with the employer and ensure that your application is seen and properly considered.

Once you get an interview call, be sure to prepare for it accordingly. Research the company, their products, and the position you’re applying for. Additionally, practice how to answer questions related to the job and your own career trajectory.


Getting a job in sales can be a difficult task. However, if you focus on the right qualifications and demonstrate your skills effectively, you’ll have a greater chance of success. Remember to research employers thoroughly, create an impressive resume, follow up, and prepare for the interview. Doing so might just put you ahead of the competition and get you into a sales job of your dreams.


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