how to get a tutoring job with no experience

how to get a tutoring job with no experience

How to Get a Tutoring Job with No Experience

If you’re looking to become a tutor but have never worked as one before, it may seem like an uphill battle to get your first job. But don’t worry – there are still a lot of great options available to you! Here are some tips for breaking into the tutoring industry and finding a job with no prior experience.

1. Build Your Knowledge

It’s important to show potential employers that you have a solid grasp of what you’re offering tutoring in. So, brush up on the subject you’re interested in, such as math or English writing. You may also want to consider taking a few practice tests in order to better understand the types of questions students might ask.

2. Create a Portfolio

If you’re going to be trying to get a job tutoring, it’s important to have something to show potential employers. A great way to do this is by creating a portfolio of your tutoring skills and experience. Include anything that demonstrates your expertise in the subject, such as:

  • Test scores – Show your scores on relevant tests
  • Teaching experience – Include any teaching or mentoring experience you may have, even if it’s not in a formal tutoring capacity
  • Tutorials/writings – Create sample tutorials, worksheets, or other materials that showcase your knowledge and able to give to potential employers

3. Network with Other Tutors

Networking is a great way to start building relationships in the tutoring industry. Consider reaching out to current tutors and asking if they need any help, or if they know of any openings. You’d be surprised how often leads can be found through just a few conversations.

4. Apply to Tutoring Centers

Many larger tutoring centers have openings for inexperienced tutors. While they may not pay as well as more established tutoring firms, these centers can be a great place to get your feet wet and build up some experience.

5. Market Yourself

The more people who know about your tutoring skills and services, the better your chances of landing a job. Be sure to take advantage of free marketing tools like social media, as well as forums where you can advertise yourself.


Getting your first tutoring job with no prior experience can be intimidating, but it’s absolutely possible – especially if you’re armed with the tools above. Best of luck in your tutoring endeavor!


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