how to get an a&r job

how to get an a&r job

How to get an A&R Job

Are you looking to break into the music industry? Becoming an A&R professional could be the perfect opportunity to do just that. A&R, short for artist and repertoire, is the industry term for talent scouts who scout and mentor new talent. Here are some tips to help you land a successful A&R job.

Get Experience

To break into the A&R side of the music industry, the most important requirement is for you to have experience. Ideally, this would include an internship or other hands-on experience. Reach out to the human resources department of record labels in your area to inquire about internships or other entry-level positions related to A&R.

Build Your Network

Networking is incredibly important when it comes to finding A&R positions. Build relationships with producers, songwriters, promoters, DJs, and other people already in the industry. Make sure your relationships are genuine and authentic, not just a way to ask for a job. Stay in touch with these contacts on an ongoing basis to ensure you stay relevant.

Create Your Portfolio

An A&R professional’s portfolio should include examples of their work and any awards they have received. Put together a vast portfolio of past successes, as well as any future projects you are currently working on. Frame these in a positive light, highlighted with stories of your successes and achievements in the music industry.

Highlight Your Music Expertise

Artists and repertoire professionals need to be experts in multiple genres of music. Showcase your music expertise by staying up to speed on industry trends, attending concerts and festivals, and keeping informed about new artists. If a hiring manager sees that you have a wide breadth of music expertise, they will be more likely to hire you.

Send Your Application

Once you have assembled your portfolio, resume, and cover letter, it’s time to apply. Build a list of prospective employers and research their current A&R opportunities. Then, submit your application and follow up with a polite phone call or email.

Be Confident

Finally, the key to landing a successful A&R job is being confident. Even if you aren’t the most experienced candidate, projecting confidence in your skills can be the tipping point that a hiring manager looks for.

If you want to break into the music industry, becoming an A&R professional is a great way to do it. With some experience, a strong network, and your portfolio in hand, you can be on your way to becoming an A&R professional. Good luck!


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