how to get cleaning jobs with airbnb

how to get cleaning jobs with airbnb

Gaining Cleaning Services Jobs with Airbnb

Are you interested in gaining cleaning services jobs through Airbnb? Cleaning services are helpful for those who are looking to travel, stay in a clean and comfortable environment, and make a little extra money. Here are some tips for getting cleaning jobs with Airbnb.

1. Make sure you have the necessary cleaning supplies

Before you start applying for cleaning jobs with Airbnb, it is important that you have all the necessary cleaning supplies. This will include an industry-grade vacuum cleaner, mop, antibacterial cleaner, dust rag, and paper towels. Make sure to have these supplies on hand before applying for jobs so that you can present a professional appearance.

2. Develop a list of services

When you are applying for cleaning services jobs, it is important to develop a list of services that you can offer. This includes basic services such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. You can also offer services such as cleaning out appliances, deep cleaning carpets, and laundering. Make sure to list all the services you can provide in your application.

3. Create a portfolio of past work

Before you apply for cleaning services jobs, create a portfolio of past work. This can include pictures of homes you’ve recently cleaned, customer reviews, and references from past clients. Having a portfolio will help potential employers see your work and give them an idea of the quality services you can provide.

4. Reach out to local hosts

Once you’ve built up a portfolio and a list of services, reach out to local Airbnb hosts. This can be done through the Airbnb platform or through other sites such as Craigslist or Nextdoor. You can also search for “cleaning services jobs” on Google and apply for open positions.

5. Prepare for the job

Once you’ve gotten a job, it is important to prepare for it. Make sure to double-check any special requests that the host may have, such as additional services or cleaning certain areas of the house. Have all the necessary supplies on hand and arrive on time.

6. Follow up with the host

Before leaving the property, follow up with the host to check that they are satisfied with your work. Ask if there are any additional services you can provide, and provide them with your contact information in case they need your services in the future.

By following these tips, you can start to gain cleaning services jobs through Airbnb. You’ll have access to a variety of properties, make extra money, and help people enjoy a comfortable and clean stay. Good luck!


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