how to get cnc job work order

how to get cnc job work order

How To Get CNC Job Work Order

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a way various types of materials are cut and shaped into parts and components. Getting the chance to work with these machines can be a great opportunity for someone with experience, but the process of doing so may seem daunting.

The following guide will provide you with some helpful tips and advice on how to land a CNC job and stand out from the pack:

1. Develop Your Skills

Gaining experience with CNC machines is the key to gaining an entry-level CNC job. Your best bet is to search for apprenticeships or short-term CNC classes which will teach you the basics and provide you with the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience. There are also plenty of free online tutorials, videos, and classes accessible to help you learn the basics.

2. Network

Networking is an important part of any job search, but especially when it comes to CNC jobs. Look for local CNC machine shops or businesses that may have opportunities. Connecting with other professionals in the industry can provide you with valuable job leads and advice. Attend networking events and seminars, and reach out to industry professionals through LinkedIn.

3. Learn the Terminology

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the industry’s specific terminology. Some popular terms include CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and G-Code (the instructions that tell a CNC machine what to do). Knowing the lingo will help you understand what is expected of you in a job and will also show potential employers your enthusiasm and knowledge.

4. Know Your Tools

Fewer mistakes are made when working with CNC machines when the person operating it knows the basic components of the machine. Understanding what types of tools are used and how they are used can be a big plus on the job. Also learning how to properly calibrate the machines and their tools is key.

5. Maintain a Portfolio

Documenting your experience, both on and off the clock, is essential. This could be anything from a list of the machines and tools you have used, models you have created, problems you have solved, projects you have completed, and anything else that highlights your skills and capabilities. Thus, having a portfolio helps in positioning yourself as a desirable candidate.

6. Use Available Resources

The internet is full of resources for aspiring CNC machinists. Make use of online forums, job boards, and other websites to stay informed about the industry, job openings, and new techniques that you can use. Additionally, look out for job fairs or recruitment events in your area, as they can offer excellent networking opportunities.

7. Be Persistent

Just like any job search, you may need to be persistent when looking for a CNC job. Be sure to keep track of your job applications and follow up with employers. You may also need to adjust your job search tactics and think outside the box. Consider temporary CNC jobs or volunteer opportunities, as they can provide you with useful experience and an opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a real-world setting.

With these tips in mind, you have all you need to go out and find yourself a CNC job work order. Best of luck!


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