how to get insurance jobs for body shop

how to get insurance jobs for body shop

Finding Insurance Jobs for Body Shop

Having insurance jobs at a body shop is essential for providing custom services to customers, no matter what type of vehicle they own. Insurance jobs ensure that customers pay only for the services they need and that the shop is able to get payment for the services provided promptly. The following steps will help you secure insurance jobs for your body shop:

Step 1: Networking

  • Join Local and National Associations: Reaching out to national and local associations in the body shop industry can be a great way to learn more about insurance jobs and to find out which insurance groups are interested in working with your business. Organizations such as the Automotive Service Association and the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers can provide exceptional resources and networking opportunities.
  • Build Relationships with Insurance Generals Agents: Generals agents are the primary source for obtaining insurance jobs for body shops. Contact local insurance companies and speak to the agents about the possibility of working together. Building relationships with agents ensures that you are able to provide services to clients quickly, in most cases on the same day.

Step 2: Educate Clients

Customers need to be aware of the differences between the types of insurance policies they have, as well as the type of coverage they should be looking for when getting services from your shop. Take the time to educate potential customers on the services available through your shop. Make sure that customers understand how much coverage is available for each service and point out any benefits of working with your shop.

Step 3: Get Professional Certifications

Having professional certifications from recognized organizations, such as the Automotive Service Excellence certification, can be invaluable in helping to secure insurance jobs from insurance companies. Having such certifications helps to increase your credibility with potential customers and can help to ensure that your shop is seen as a professional and reliable source for services.

Step 4: Keep Track of Insurance Policies

Good record keeping is essential when seeking to secure insurance jobs for your body shop. Track the different types of insurance policies that customers have, as well as the services provided. This will make it easier to work with insurance companies, as they will be able to quickly see what services you are able to provide and what type of coverage they are able to offer customers.

Step 5: Market Your Shop and Services

Advertising your shop and the services you offer can be a great way to increase the number of insurance jobs you receive. Utilize both online and print advertising to direct potential customers to your shop. Highlight the services and coverage you are able to provide to customers.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to getting more insurance jobs for your body shop. With good relationships with generals agents and increased marketing, you will now be able to offer customers the services they need at an affordable rate.


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