how to get more job applicants

how to get more job applicants

How To Get More Job Applicants

Searching for the right skill set to fill vacant positions can often be a challenge for businesses. Knowing how to attract more job applicants can significantly reduce recruitment time and costs.

1. Utilize Social Networks

Using social media to market job vacancies is one of the most efficient ways to locate potential job applicants. Establishing a presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook enables employers to display job opportunities quickly. Make use of keywords and other targeting tools to maximize engagement from potential applicants.

2. Network with Colleagues and Peers

Personal recommendations are highly valued by employers. Ask existing staff, colleagues and peers to recommend potential job applicants. It is also a great way to build a talent pool of potential applicants.

3. Advertise on Job Review Websites

Posting on job review websites like Glassdoor andIndeed should be part of any recruitment strategy. Most job seekers are now using these sites to research the work culture and job opportunities of the businesses they are considering. Using branded hashtags when posting advertisements can help employers to track down potential job applicants.

4. Get Creative with Your Applications

Taking less traditional application avenues can help employers to attract a more diverse set of applicants. Utilizing a video application process, or an app-based platform, can open up job opportunities to a whole new group of potential applicants.

5. Offer Incentives

A referral incentive system is often an effective way of sourcing new applicants. Offer referral bonuses for applicants that are successful in their job applications. This has the added benefit of acting as an extra incentive for existing staff who recommend successful candidates.

6. Make Use of Traditional Advertising

Don’t discount the importance of traditional print and broadcast advertising when sourcing job applicants. Posting ads in newspapers and on radio can be a great way to reach out to potential job applicants.

In Summary:

  • Utilize social networks to display job opportunities
  • Network with colleagues and peers
  • Advertise on job review websites
  • Get creative with your applications
  • Offer incentives for referrals
  • Make use of traditional advertising

By making use of these six methods, employers can significantly reduce their recruitment time and costs, and increase their chances of finding the most talented applicants for their job vacancies.


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