how to get renovation jobs

how to get renovation jobs

How to Get Renovation Jobs

Renovation jobs have the potential to bring a lot of income and opportunities, but knowing how to put yourself out there to get those jobs is the first step to making the most out of the situation. Here are some ways to get the renovation jobs you want:

Create a Professional Presence

Start by showcasing your work through multiple channels, such as a website, social media, printed materials, and reviews. When potential clients visit your website, make sure it is well-designed, easy to navigate, and up-to-date with photos, contact information, and a portfolio of your past work. Utilizing social media platforms to share reviews, before-and-after photos, and process videos can also be an effective way to promote your services.

Network and Attend Events

Take the time to connect with fellow industry professionals, as well as potential clients and referral sources. Attend local industry conferences, such as homebuilders trade shows, remodelers meetups, and design expos, that could help you get the word out about your services.

Get Certified

Look into professional certifications, such as a Certified Remodeler designation from the National Association of Home Builders, to ensure that potential clients know that you are a competent and experienced renovation professional. Also, consider obtaining any other local certifications required for holding renovation jobs in your area, such as a contractor’s license.

Advertise and Promote

Advertising your services through targeted campaigns, such as home improvement magazines, direct mail, and local television or radio spots, can be a great way to reach a wide variety of potential clients. Additionally, providing services to home improvement sites, such as Angie’s List and Houzz, can help you gain valuable exposure.

Overall, gaining attention for your work is essential to securing renovation jobs. Put yourself out there, create a professional presence, network and attend industry events, get certified, and advertise your services to find the success you want.


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