how to get the good job badge in slap battles

how to get the good job badge in slap battles

Getting the Good Job Badge in Slap Battles

The Good Job Badge in Slap Battles is an incredibly highly-prestigious award to obtain. This article provides details and steps on how you can become a proud owner of the coveted Good Job Badge.

What is the Good Job Badge?

The Good Job Badge is a reward for anyone who achieves a score high enough to earn a place on the Slap Battles leader board during any sanctioned event. Being awarded the Good Job Badge is difficult, but prestigious and desirable. It is a sign of distinction and excellence to all Slap Battle competitors.

How to Get the Good Job Badge

Getting the Good Job Badge is no easy feat. It requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck. The following provides a guide for attacking the journey to Good Job Badge glory:

  • Master the Basics: It all starts with mastering the mechanics of the game. Practice until you have your Slapping down to a science.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Keep up to date on the latest tactics and strategies by regularly playing against other Slap Battlers.
  • Adapt: You must find ways to adjust your strategy and techniques as the game evolves. Study previous battles and opponents, and adjust accordingly.
  • Discern Timing: You should aim to learn how to sense when is the best time to attack and anticipate when your opponent will attack.
  • Learn Strategies: Devise plans and techniques by figuring out what works best for you in order to up your game.


By following these steps, you can get close to achieving the Good Job Badge, an incredibly valuable badge of honor and prestige among Slap Battlers. Unfortunately, the fault is not yours if you still fail to attain it. Good luck!


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